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Steal My Prompts: 20 Prompts From My ChatGPT History

Hi Friends 👋

I hope your week has started well. If not, don’t worry. I’ve got a load of prompts from my chat history for you to explore.

In this week’s email:

  • Steal my prompts: 20 prompts from my ChatGPT history

  • OpenAI’s GPT store launches this week

  • After watching humans, AI robots make coffee

  • ChatGPT as a data scraper: prompts

  • Will AI-powered taxis be the largest boost to GDP ever?

  • The Boost Academy: Founders Edition, coming soon

  • And more…

Let’s get started…

🚀 The Boost Academy: Grow Your Business With AI

Update: The first 4 free consultation slots I mentioned last week have now been taken so that offer is now closed.

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🗞️ News

AI robots have learned to make coffee by watching humans do it [Link]

Google AI layoffs in 2024 to hit 30,000 jobs primarily in the ads division, as AI takes over manual tasks [Link]

AI-powered autonomous taxis may have the most impact on GDP of any innovation in history, according to Ark Invest analysts [Link]

💬 ChatGPT

OpenAI announced the GPT store will go live this week. It is unclear how creators will be paid, but if they are, expect an explosion of amazing GPTs. It is so easy to create a GPT that I expect millions will be created in the first few months. Here are some GPTs I created:

Academics have discovered 26 prompts that improve ChatGPT. Here’s the research paper with the table of prompts: [Link]

Volkswagen is bringing ChatGPT Voice into new car models. ChatGPT voice responses will be returned through the IDA assistant activated by voice or the steering wheel button. Watch the advert with Ewan McGregor: [Link]

🚀 New Subscribers: In case you missed these…

How ChatGPT works explained for the non-techie [Link]

Steal my ChatGPT cheatsheet, the easy way to create prompts [Link]

Deep Dive

Steal My Prompts: 20 Prompts From My ChatGPT History

Why you should care: Copying prompts is a helpful way to understand how others use ChatGPT, so you can do it too.

What you need to know: To become a better prompt engineer, scan the prompts below, and copy and paste the ones that interest you.

On with the story…

When I started my first business I couldn’t afford a programmer.

So I would find code snippets online and use tutorials to try to make it work.

My coding skills were terrible. But I was good at finding code to copy, edit and test until it did what I wanted.

Copying taught me the basics of programming to make things work.

It’s way easier to learn when we start by copying…

…so here’s a selection of my last 20 ChatGPT prompts so you can see exactly what I use it for — no holds barred!

#1 Tidy Up Transcript

I use this prompt all the time!

  • Dictate to your phone or PC using Otter or Superwhisper

  • Makes your transcript easy to read and understand

  • The fastest way to write in your own voice is by dictating

Tidy up this transcript for spelling and grammar:

#2 Define Transcript Tone

  • Define your tone from a transcript

  • Use the output to get ChatGPT to write in your tone

Define tone, style and voice of this transcript:
{enter transcript}

#3 Learning Using ChatGPT and YouTube

  • Get ChatGPT to find where to learn a skill on YouTube

  • Search out low-subscriber channels that contain gold

  • Link to my chat

What are the best resources on YouTube for learning digital PR? I want channels that aren't necessarily popular, but tell you exactly how to do it.

Follow up prompt:

Now find me some videos that describe specifically how to do it, that actually work.

#4 Lead Magnet Creation Brainstorming

  • Find the best 20 lead magnets of all time

  • Copy the ideas and implement these in your business

What are the top 20 lead magnets of all time?

#5 Niche News Stories of The Week

What are the biggest stories in AI for business and marketing in the last 7 days?

#6 Data Retrieval Prompt

  • Copy a text from the internet, book or ChatGPT output

  • Then it pulls out the items that you specify as a list

List out all the {items type eg product titles} in the text below:

{text copied from the internet, an prompt output or a book}

#7 Newsletter Idea Brainstorming

  • Works out the punchline

  • Brainstorm a lead in storyline

I'm writing a newsletter blog post about {customer acquisition cost and lifetime value}.

I want you to brainstorm with me, and the first thing I want to work out is the main point of the newsletter, and the second thing I want to work on is the lead-in story for the newsletter.

#8 Summarise a News Story

  • TLDR? Cut out the chitter-chatter and get to the main points of the story

  • Handy when you need to understand a story but are short on time

Summarise this for a news story which is one paragraph long:


#9 Email Outreach Personalisation

  • Increase your cold email reply rate by adding personalisation

  • Let ChatGPT craft an opening line which will resonate with the reader

Visit {companyurl.com}

Tell me:

What does the company do?

What is the most recent news story?

What can I say about this email in a cold email to get their attention?

#10 Gift Ideas For My Wife!

  • I think this one is self-explanatory

  • P.S. In case you are wondering, she loved her gift!

What are some amazing stocking filler ideas for 50 year old female who likes skiing horses and animals

#11 Recruitment Talent Finder

  • Quickly generate job specs to find the right talent

  • Link to chat

Write a job ad for a Senior Marketing Exec that attracts the best talent
I have included some information about the business, please ask me any questions which will help you draft the job ad.

Here is some information about the company and our requirements:

{Dynamic fast growing high end B2C manufacturer. Aiming to double in next 2 years

Pays above market rate with added bonus

Can grow in the position with the company

Fast learner, dynamic, self starter


Google pay per click, paid social media, copywriting and marketing automations

Data focused, results led, proven track record of results}

#12 Email Generator

  • Quickly turn your notes, audio transcripts or blog posts into an email

  • Include details in the prompt about the recipient for a more detailed output (eg. customer, colleague, etc)

Turn this into a nicely written email:

{enter notes or transcript}

#13 Dickie Bush’s Linkedin Post Creator

  • This is a powerful prompt crafted by Dickie Bush

  • Analyses the LinkedIn post that you give it

  • Then asks you questions to create a similar post in the same format

Hey ChatGPT, I am going to give you a text and I want you to analyze the text and then return a list of questions that someone can answer to create their own post that follows the same rhetorical structure of the original text. I will give you an example of what I want you to do first before we get started.

For example, here is a post that I might ask you to analyze:

"The most overused cold email phrase ever:

"I hope you're doing well."

Stop this for 3 reasons:

1 → It occupies your first lines (super important space)

2 → It sounds like the start of a selfish sales pitch

3 → It doesn’t add value to your pitch

It’s said by everyone

→ so you sound like everyone

It's safe to remove it and

→ get to the point "

And here is an example of how you would respond with questions:

"Question 1: What's an overused phrase or concept in your industry?

Guidance: Think about a term or phrase that is frequently used in your field to the point of becoming a cliché.

Question 2: Can you identify three reasons why this phrase should be avoided?

Guidance: List three reasons that explain why using this overused phrase could be detrimental or ineffective.

Question 3: What's a common characteristic of those who frequently use this phrase?

Guidance: Describe a characteristic that those who frequently use this overused phrase might share.

Question 4: What would be a more beneficial action to replace using this phrase?

Guidance: Propose a more effective or impactful action to replace the use of the overused phrase."

Do you understand what I want you to do?

If so, I will give you the text so you can create the questions.

#14 Personal Chef and Meal Planner

  • I got tired of the family asking me ‘What’s for dinner’. So crafted a meal plan using ChatGPT in seconds!

  • Link to chat

Help me come up with a healthy, family friendly evening meal plan for the next 7 days. Meals should take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare. Happy to use store bought items to speed things up

Dietary requirements: Pesketarian

Make sure the food is flavourful!

#15 Personal Tech Support

  • Use ChatGPT as Tech Support, let it find the answers you need

  • Link to chat

I've built a fine-tuned GPT-3.5 model and I want to access it through a no-code API to build a chatbot. Search up where I can do this.

#16 Party Planner

  • Spec out party ideas, and put together a plan to make it happen

  • Link to chat

I am hosting a murder mystery NYE party, there will be 12 people, can you help me spec the party out and plan

I will be hosting at my home address, invites will be sent via Whatsapp.

#17 Spreadsheet Guru

  • Create spreadsheet formulas quickly using ChatGPT

  • Link to chat

I'm working with a spreadsheet that has three columns. The first column lists amounts in currency (e.g., £1500), and the adjacent column specifies the frequency of these amounts, labeled either as 'Monthly' or 'Weekly'. I need a formula that can calculate the annual total based on this frequency. The challenge is that the frequency column contains text and cannot be converted to numbers. The formula should multiply the amount by 12 if the frequency is 'Monthly' and by 52 if it's 'Weekly'. How can I construct this formula

#18 Data Scraping

  • Data scraping using ChatGPT by building address

  • Link to chat

88 Wood Street EC2 7QR

Which websites mention this address on their website

#19 Curious, is ChatGPT a Referrer?

  • I was thinking if ChatGPT is now a large traffic referrer

  • But I didn't get a good answer…

  • Link to chat

Is anyone reporting seeing chatgpt as a referer to their website in log files on in google analytics

#20 Marketing Campaign Ideation

  • Search for something physical to send prospects

  • Which makes them engage and understand the concept

  • Link to chat

I'm working on a marketing campaign and I want to do some brainstorming. My client does internet connectivity and they put in a second internet line as a backup, and that's normally it's a better line than the first one. I'm looking for some sort of child's toy or puzzle that we can send to them that demonstrates the power of not having a backup.

That's it for today!

Hit the links below and let me know how I did. I appreciate any suggestions on how to improve this, so feel free to unleash…


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