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Steal My ChatGPT Cheatsheet To Boost Your Team's Efficiency by 500%

Hi Friends 👋

I hope your week has started well and you’re as excited about ChatGPT's Vision as I am.

In this week’s email:

  • Steal my Cheatsheet to learn how to use ChatGPT in business

  • 3 amazing AI tools for ad creation, app creation, and meeting notes to try from our sponsors

  • 5 ChatGPT Vision examples to give you business ideas

Let’s get started…

*Partnership Content

Find your winning ads before you spend a cent on advertising 💸

Imagine if instead of spending that precious ad budget on A/B testing, you would know which creatives perform the best before launching the campaign.

That’s exactly what Predict does.

Predict is an AI tool that anticipates how customers will respond to your creatives, both images & videos.

With Predict, you can:

🎯 Run immediate A/B tests: compare images against each other & industry benchmarks.

🎯 Boost brand recall: measure how likely your brand will be remembered.

🎯 Increase ad memorability: pre-test creatives & launch only the best performers.

Make the move from intuition to insight.

AI for Marketing 🔗

🔨 Tools

I've been amazed at how quickly I could launch a business app with AI & Contember. Just describe your vision, and they bring it to life in minutes. With a platform already trusted by hundreds, it offers a foundation to code, expand, and customize with ease. And if you ever need help, their team is right there. Don't just take my word for it; try it out yourself. With free access until 15th Oct. [Link]*

Stay focused on the conversation and let Tactiq handle your meeting notes. View real-time transcripts without any intrusive note-taking bots. Generate one-click AI summaries, action items, ask questions, and more all powered by ChatGPT. Join over 200,000 users to make your online meetings effective. Sign up for free today [Link]*

💬 ChatGPT

ChatGPT Vision is big news this week. When Vision is available as an API, it will open up many new business opportunities.

Here are some use cases to get you thinking:

Deep Dive

Steal My ChatGPT Cheatsheet To Boost Your Team's Efficiency by 500%

Why you should care: You and your team will be at least five times more productive if you learn to use ChatGPT better.

What you need to know: ChatGPT can do more than you think. But learning it takes time and needs imagination and direction. Use the cheatsheet to build the habit, gain experience in ChatGPT and start to unleash its power.

On with the story…

A few years ago, a project manager from a large company joined my team.

Whenever she asked me a question, I would reply, "Have you Googled it?"

It seems at traditional big corporations, Googling solutions wasn't always encouraged.

My suggestion became an inside joke, but eventually, she became phenomenal at searching and solving problems herself.

The truth is that mastering search makes you far better at problem-solving.

But… …today, we have an even more powerful tool in ChatGPT.

Yet most companies aren't using it properly.

Here’s why: habit, disbelief, and inexperience.

Let me explain...

People don't instantly turn to ChatGPT to solve problems because it's not ingrained yet.

Since the tech is so new, it's hard to believe it works as amazingly as it does.

Becoming truly proficient with ChatGPT takes time. It's so new that even constant users like me are amazed every day at its power.

That’s why I created the ChatGPT Business Cheatsheet:

How to Use This Cheat Sheet

Remind yourself to use ChatGPT by saving the image on your phone.

Create prompts with this format:

1. Tell it the role you want it to adopt. Eg “Act as a”.
2. Explain the task you want done.
3. Specify the output.


I love doing this by dictating directly into the ChatGPT iOS app.

Then, use the same format for all your problem-solving.


Build the habit through hands-on experience, leading to the belief in how much it can help you.

AI isn’t stealing your business. Businesses that use AI are.

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