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“Such an interesting email, I love the concrete examples with useable prompts. Even the stuff that will never be my zone of genius is really thought (and action) provoking. Thank you.””

RowenaBusiness Owner

“I save all of The Boost emails and read them all when I'm on the train. Unlike other AI newsletters he actually gives actionable advice that I implement in my business.”

Paul RussellCEO & Owner, First Mats

“Found your AI-focused newsletter recently. It's clear, actionable, and has been a game-changer for my marketing. Keep it up!”

JohnBusiness Owner

“I now have every Wednesday booked off for marketing and business development... ...your timing of what you are doing at the moment couldn't be better!”

Phil WadgeBusiness Owner, Wadge Architectural

“Having tried a large number of AI newsletters / blogs, I'm continually impressed by the content you are putting out. In contrast to 99.9% of the AI content circulating you provide specific use cases for the technology and practical examples of how AI can help in sales and marketing TODAY, rather than generic AI information and countless lists of products that are hard to parse. The fact that you have tried out all the products and tools before you recommend them makes a big difference to the credibility of the newsletter. I'm actively using your tips and encouraging the sales / marketing experts in the companies I work with to use them also. Thanks ”

Gareth CampbellFounder & Investor

“This has changed the way I work for the better.”

CraigBusiness Owner

“I've had the privilege of knowing Tim for over a decade, both as a friend and a mentor. Subscribing to "The Boost" in May reaffirmed his gift for making new and intricate marketing tools, like ChatGPT, seem effortlessly understandable. Each issue feels like a heartfelt mentoring session, filled with relatable stories that don't just teach, but motivate action. "The Boost" isn't merely a newsletter—it's a testament to Tim's genuine desire for everyone's success. Whether you're an old friend or a new subscriber, it's a weekly gem that truly shouldn't be overlooked.””

Nick PauleyBusiness Owner and Founder

“The Boost newsletter is an indispensable tool for me as a business owner. Beyond its insightful industry updates, the tried-and-tested AI prompts have been game-changers, providing actionable strategies tailored for today's challenges. This unique blend of technology and practical advice has sharpened my decision-making and fueled my business growth.”

HannahBusiness Owner and Marketing Professional

“Oh... this is a game changer... and I'm just scratching... You answered my prayers...

Gracias Amigo !!!! 🔥👾🤖🙌🙏”

Hernán Rodríguez

“Thanks Tim, really appreciate the Dall E 3 cheat sheet and your examples. Very inspiring.”

Sean Butler

“Mindblowing stuff - thank you for presenting calmly ”


Super helpful, as always. I love all your tips and tricks. My goal is to get through more of the platforms you mention. I love learning new tools and your credible recommendations save me time and headache. ”

Angela BrasingtonWeb3 CMO, Advisor, Investor

“I love the content. Helps me tremendously stay on current AI trends. Thank u.”

“Transformative content… if applied. Amazing Tim”

“I am so satisfied with reading your emails/newsletters. It really motivates me to use AI in business and life.”

“The content is incredible - I really look forward to receiving these newsletters”


“Love all the chat GPT information!”


“Thanks for sharing this prompts, it has made my writing journey easy so far. ”

“Love it thank you 😊”

“Good tips with actual samples.”

“Fantastic newsletter, Tim. Love the content and I appreciate your thoughtful format in this newsletter.”

Sandi EvelethBusiness Owner and Marketing Professional