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What OpenAI's ChatGPT New Developments Mean For Your Business

Hint: If you don't get onboard now, you will be left behind.

Hi Friends 👋

Yesterday, OpenAI held its first developer day. Sam Altman unveiled products that show the path towards AGI, the holy grail of Artificial General Intelligence.

It’s huge news, so this week’s email is all about the new ChatGPT:

  • What OpenAI's ChatGPT new developments mean for your business

  • The best way to dictate to your Mac

  • No more chunking long prompts, GPT-4 Turbo has huge limits

  • GPTs: The new billion-dollar opportunity open to anyone

  • And more…

Let’s get started…

AI for Marketing 🔗

🤖 Productivity

I'm really bad at typing accurately. I always make mistakes and have to go back and fix words. I've been looking for easy, accurate, and fast dictation software for a long time. Finally, I found one that I love and use every day.

It’s called SuperWhisper, an app that sits on your Mac and transcribes your voice when you hit the keyboard shortcut.

Blast through emails, slack, content writing, notes or anything else you can think of. The average person speaks at 150 words per minute and types at 50 words per minute. SuperWhisper recognizes pauses and tone, punctuating the dictated text perfectly. It also runs completely offline & privately on your Mac.

SuperWhisper in action on a Mac

Try SuperWhisper for free forever here [Link]

Elon has launched Grok, a ChatGPT style LLM AI based on Twitter/X data. Sign up for the waitlist using your X account here: [Link]

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Deep Dive

What OpenAI's ChatGPT New Developments Mean For Your Business

Hint: If you don't get onboard now you will be left behind.

Why you should care: The OpenAI Developer event yesterday was one of the most hyped developer events in history, and it didn't disappoint. The new tools announced will significantly speed up the creation of all knowledge-based applications.

What you need to know: It is time to use and build with OpenAI’s tools like ChatGPT. Because every day it is becoming easier to build knowledge-based applications without programming skills. Building with natural language levels the playing field for SMEs and start-ups. “Innovate or die” is more relevant than ever.

On with the story…

Remember the famous Mickey Mouse Disney film “Fantasia?”. Where Mickey starred as ‘The Socerer’s Apprentice’.

In the story, the Sorcerer does all sorts of magical things with complicated spells.

Whilst the Sorcerer is away, Mickey, the untrained apprentice, attempts magic on his own.

Mickey wears the Sorcerer's magic hat to make brooms work for him. But he can't control them because he doesn't know the right spells.

Now, imagine if the Sorcerer left a magical talking book that could understand Mickey’s ordinary words and translate them into spells.

Mickey, wouldn't need to know any complicated spells.

He could just say, "Please clean the floor." and the magical book would command the brooms to start working correctly.

This is like what OpenAI is achieving with it’s programming and development.

OpenAI’s newly unveiled products are making the power of programming more and more accessible.

You don't have to know all the complex "spells" (a.k.a programming code) to make computers perform tasks.

You can just tell ChatGPT in your own words, and it helps you out, just like the magical book would help Mickey.

Here's how OpenAI is doing it...

OpenAI’s Nov 2023 Announcements & How To Benefit

#1 GPTs: User-Created GPTs & App Store

GPTs let you customize ChatGPT for a specific purpose. Many ChatGPT power users maintain a list of carefully crafted prompts and instruction processes, manually copying them into ChatGPT. GPTs now do all of that for you.

ChatGPT is also having its app store moment with the ChatGPT Store. Users can create their own custom GPTs using natural language and publish them for all to use.

That’s big news for 2 reasons:

1. If you create a custom GPT you’ll benefit from revenue sharing.

App stores are big business. Shopify has 33,000 apps doing $561M of revenue. The Apple App Store has 1.8 million apps doing $910 billion of revenue.

ChatGPT has 100m weekly active users, and 2 million developers.

It’s the fastest-growing consumer technology in history.

Now imagine the billions of revenue it is going to generate for both OpenAI and the GPT creators.

2. You no longer need tech skills to build GPT models

You can upload your files, prompts and instructions directly in ChatGPT using natural language.

GPTs are slowly rolling out for all ChatGPT Plus & Enterprize users and will be available at https://chat.openai.com/create

#2 GPT-4 Turbo

ChatGPT’s latest model GPT-4 Turbo is rolling out to all paid users.

Here’s why GPT-4 Turbo is so much better:

  • Context length of 128k tokens - about 300 pages

    (No more need to split long input texts, like transcripts into individual chats)

  • GPT-4 Turbo knowledge cut-off is now April 2023

  • For developers using the API, GPT-4 Turbo is 2-3x cheaper than GPT-4

  • GPT-4 Turbo is better at following instructions, such as generating specific formats

  • JSON mode, which ensures the model will respond with valid JSON for developers

  • A new seed parameter to give reproducible outputs and consistent completions

The increased input length alone would save me personally a several days of work per year!

#3 No More Model Selection

ChatGPT will automatically decide which model to use, you won’t have to select Bing, Data Analysis or DALL·E anymore.

#4 Assistants API

The same technology that OpenAI has used to build GPTs is open to developers. This means API access to Code Interpreter (they’ve reverted to the original name!) and a range of other developer tools such as threads.

The new OpenAI API Playground

Developers can now create more complicated applications faster.

#5 New Modalities in the API

Developers can now access through the API:

  • DALL·E for mass image creation

  • Text-To-Speech (TTS), like in the mobile app to create voice and speech applications

  • GPT-4 Turbo with Vision to explain images in natural languages

An example of how to use these all together: An app for the blind, it speaks to the user, instructs them where to point their phone camera and will explain through dialogue what is going on. This app can now be built in days by one person.

#6 Copyright Shield

Building in AI is a legal nightmare which holds some teams back from innovating.

For example, the prompt I used to create today’s newsletter image was originally a Mickey Mouse, created with Midjourney!

Copyright Shield moves the legal responsibility for API and enterprise usage to OpenAI, so they can fight it all at once.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

It means if you use any type of technology, from email to the most high-tech processes, small agile startups will find it easier to compete with your business.

Just as large companies have been disrupted by small start-ups, SMEs will get disrupted too.

Because the lower cost and skill required to compete with traditional SMEs makes it possible.

OpenAI is making creation possible through natural language. That’s the magic.

For example, a year ago to build an app that reads PDF text, and then classifies the data would have cost a few million dollars in tech development and a year of time.

Now that same task process can be made by one non-technical person, in less than a week.

Historically SMEs haven't been disrupted to the extent of the large corporates, due to build costs. That will now change.

2 to 3-person startups are coming after all traditional companies.

So the time is now to get ahead, start using the tools to learn and prepare for what is coming down the line.

Even better build a GPT and grab the opportunity.

That’s a wrap - how was today's newsletter?

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