How to Chain Prompts Together In ChatGPT

Using @ to find the next GPT to use

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OpenAI’s Sam Altman seeking trillions to fund chips for AI. Altman has discussed ‘wildly ambitious’ plans with investors, including the UAE government. Go Sam! [Link]

Google search combined with GPT4 = Perplexity AI. Perplexity produces Wikipedia-style results using the latest information on the internet. It’s a different style of AI-powered search compared to ChatGPT and Bing and it’s worth a try [Link]

Google replaces Bard and launches Gemini Ultra for £18.99 a month [Link]

6 Ways Coca-Cola Uses Generative AI For Advertising And Marketing [Link]

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I’ve been saying this for nearly a year, and now academics have proven it. A Harvard study shows that ChatGPT saves & makes your company money. Teams that use ChatGPT do 12.2% more tasks, have 5.1% faster task completion, and make 40% higher quality work [Link]


Deep Dive

How to Chain Prompts Together In ChatGPT

Now you can access multiple GPTs from the same chat window using @

Why you should care: Marketing is all about attraction. To attract you need to create content. Chaining GPTs together speeds up this process. No more cut and paste from one chat window to the next.

What you need to know: In a ChatGPT session type @ then choose the GPT you want to continue the chat using.

On with the story…

I bet this sounds familiar.

You craft a huge prompt for ChatGPT, filled with many requests.

You enter your details and press enter. But then, ChatGPT's response misses the mark, and you have to start over.

Here's the reason.

ChatGPT struggles when it faces too many tasks at once.

The solution? Use separate prompts for each task.

Take one prompt's output and use it to start a new chat for the next task.

This method is called prompt chaining.

You can do this by hand in ChatGPT. By copying an output and starting a new chat and pasting with the next prompt.

Or link prompts together with a no-code tool like Zapier.

Doing it directly in ChatGPT means keeping a prompt library, so you don't lose your best prompts.


Using GPTs, which effectively store your prompts right inside ChatGPT.

This way, you don't need an external prompt library.

And ChatGPT now lets you use GPTs from the text box, making it easy to chain GPTs in a single chat session.

Here’s how…

How To Chain ChatGPT Prompts Using @

Step 1. In the chat window, hit @, then choose your GPT and enter your text

Step 2. When you get the required output, line up the next GPT using @ again.

Step 3. Repeat with more GPTs

This works best if you know which GPTs to use in advance.

You see, you access GPTs from the same chat window — saving time.

Let's see an example of how this works…

How to Write an Article in 11 Minutes with @ GPTs

Watch me race against time to create an article:

Not bad for a first pass. I only spent 5 minutes finding the GPTs before creating the video.

Here's what I did…

I wanted to create an article on using LLMs like ChatGPT in business, grounded in academic research.

The GPTs I used were:

If I spent more time working out a better process and supporting GPTs the results would be 20 times better. Eg I’d create some GPTs to decide on the sections and formatting.



Using @ you’re now a ChatGPT power user using prompt chaining. Saving your prompts as GPTs and using the @ to chain them together, never having to leave the chat window.

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