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Lose the Wait, Gain the Sales: Use ChatGPT To Speed Up Your Website

Hi Friends 👋

If you run a website for sales, then this week’s newsletter will improve your profit.

I started optimizing websites for conversion rates in 2001.

Since then, I've improved the conversion rates of over 100 sites and increased conversion rates by up to 300%

The place I always start - website loading time.

Everyone misses this base-level optimisation, even though it’s cheap and simple, especially with ChatGPT’s help. I cover it in this week’s deep dive:

Lose the Wait, Gain the Sales: Use ChatGPT To Speed Up Your Website

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Let’s get started…

AI for Marketing 🔗

🛠️ Tools

Midjourney struggles with text generation, but now you can achieve crystal clear AI-generated text in under 2 minutes with Ideogram [Link]

💬 ChatGPT

To get the best out of ChatGPT, you must repeatedly use the same prompts and context snippets. There’s no point in trying to remember these. So I use TextExpander, which is a tool that saves you time by using keyboard shortcodes. You save your prompts and assign a text abbreviation which when typed in autocompletes the text

For example, here are some prompts I use everyday using Textexpander:
/tidy is shortcode for “Tidy up this transcript for spelling and grammar:”.
/improve is shortcode for “Improve this sentence to get the point across:”

Try out TextExpander here [Link]

🚀 From The Boost Archive

There are now 25 marketing workflow deep dives in The Boost archives, from Meme creation to Google AI search, take a read here: [Link]

Deep Dive

Lose the Wait, Gain the Sales: Use ChatGPT To Speed Up Your Website

Why you should care: Fast page load times directly translate to higher conversion rates and more sales. With this ChatGPT process, you can dramatically improve your site's speed and performance at a very low cost, leading to more sales and revenue for your business.

What you need to know: Website speed optimization is often seen as complex, but it doesn't have to be. There is a simple, overlooked solution that can dramatically improve your site's load times. By utilizing ChatGPT to enhance your website and provide a data-driven estimate of the impact, it is far more likely that the optimization will be implemented.

On with the story…

Endless rain - it's a typical British summer's day.

I have 15 minutes to spare. Time to grab a coffee in the station before I board my train.

Walking up to my favourite coffee shop, I see the line is only three people deep. I have time, but I move on…

…I head over to Starbucks, grab my coffee, and make it to my train with 10 minutes to spare.

Guess what? I don't like waiting.

You probably don't either. In fact no one likes to wait.

Especially those online, everyone hates waiting for a website to load.

And if it takes too long? They click away, seeking a faster dopamine hit elsewhere, leaving your site and a potential sale behind.

Do you think your site loads instantly?

You might believe it does, but use the Google Site Speed Tool and find out for sure

You've lost potential sales if your site is not fully loaded in 3 seconds.

I saw directly how minor website speed differences significantly impact revenue. We were spending $10,000 daily on driving traffic and every small speed increase led to a notable profit jump. But after we moved servers and our site speed decreased 30%, our revenue dropped by 50% overnight.

But don’t just take my word for it…

A study by Portent found that website speed has a major impact on conversion rates. Websites that load in 1 second have conversion rates 3 times higher than those that take 5 seconds to load. The difference is even more significant when comparing 1 second versus 10 seconds - websites loading in just 1 second convert at 5 times the rate of those taking 10 seconds.

Another study by Hubspot found that website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time.

The truth is …
…if you haven't got a super fast site…

The good news is the change that makes the most difference is a quick and easy fix, here’s how…

How to Improve Website Speed with ChatGPT

I’m going to explain how to use ChatGPT Advanced Code Analytics to identify optimization opportunities on your website, understand potential speed gains, and estimate the conversion increase. With this knowledge, you will actually make the changes needed.

How it works: First, you analyse your page speed loading time. Then save a copy of your web page and files as a zip. Upload your speed report and zip file for ChatGPT, which analyses them together and suggests improvements.

Tools Used:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights (free)

  • ChatGPT Advanced Code Analytics ($20 a month)


1. Analyze Your Website In PageSpeed Insights & Save the Report

  • Go to PageSpeed Insights.

  • Enter your webpage's URL and click "Analyze."

  • Observe the performance score.

  • Copy the provided information.

  • Open a new text file, paste the copied information, and save the file as a txt or .docx file called "report"

2. Save and Compress Your Website

  • Navigate to your webpage.

    Go to File > Save As" and save as "Web Page, Complete" to save the page and all its files. It will save a HTML page and folder

  • Once saved, locate the HTML file and folder on your computer.

  • Right-click on both and choose "Compress" or "Zip" to create a zipped file and call it webpage.zip.

3. Start a Chat with ChatGPT Using Advanced Data Analysis

  • Open your internet browser and go to the ChatGPT website.

  • Click on the "Advanced Data Analysis" option.

  • A chat window will appear.

4. Upload Your Files and Run the 1st Prompt

  • In the chat window, click on the "Upload" button.

  • Select and upload the "report" file.

  • Next, upload the zipped file of your webpage.

  • Run the prompt below:

Website Speed Optimization Request

Hello, website speed expert!

I'm providing you with two essential files:

1. A ZIP archive containing my website's HTML page, images, and other assets.
2. An text file report from Google PageSpeed Insights.

Based on the provided assets and the PageSpeed Insights report, please identify and recommend four straightforward solutions that: Are quick and easy to implement. Will potentially increase my website's speed by at least 50%.

For analysis, please infer image sizes from the filenames in the HTML page and make educated assumptions about the sizes of scripts and third-party analytics that could be potential bottlenecks. Look at all solutions to find the best ones like image optimisation, CDNs, plugins if you detect a publishing framework like shopify, webflow, wordpress etc Make your report easy to read with simple instructions. Your actionable insights will be invaluable in enhancing my website's performance. Thank you!

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis Page Speed Prompt

You’ll get a report with recommendations something like this:

6. Run the Follow-Up Prompt for Image Analysis

  • ChatGPT, with the Advanced Code Analytics, will add up the sizes of these image files.

  • ChatGPT will estimate the potential for optimization based on industry benchmarks for typical image compression tools and methods.

  • Based on the estimated optimization potential, ChatGPT will predict potential speed gains

Here’s the prompt to use:

For each image you found in the zip tell me it's size and what it could be reduced to without loosing noticeable quality. Calculate the total page size and estimate what the download time would be. Recalculate the download time once I have optimised the images as per your suggestions. Suggest tools to do the optimisation really quickly without loosing noticeable image quality.

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis Page Speed Image Prompt

This is what my result looked like:

A huge difference in speed, just by optimising the images alone.

ChatGPT will also suggest tools to optimise images in bulk, so you can do it in one hit.

That’s a lot to take in, watch the video below on 1.7x speed to see exactly how it works:

7. Keep Prompting to Learn More…

Keep prompting to learn more and more about page speed optimisation like this…

What is the most important metric for website loading time, the first load or full paint or something else? In particular which measure is most important for conversion on a ecommerce website?

ChatGPT Website Loading Jargon Prompt

Now you understand the easy wins:

  • Optimise all images

  • Optimise scripts

  • Choose a fast high-spec host

  • Use a CDN - there are no code installs available for this

  • Use apps on platforms like Shopify to speed up your site

Simple as that - Wow!

You are now a website speed analyst with a report on how to improve your website performance quickly with a prediction of the speed increase.

Yes, a fast website is the gift that keeps giving.

My coffee is cold, it is time to get another one. And no, I’m not waiting in line.

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