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Happy New Year! I hope you had a great break. 2024 will be the year AI finds its real use cases. We’re moving from exploring to using.

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AI Updates 🔗

🗞️ AI News

Prompt engineering best practices from OpenAI. If you are serious about getting better at prompting you must read this [Link]

Pika 1.0 is out for everyone. The next stage in AI video creation is here [Examples] [Link]

The AI training content copyright wars have started. The New York Times sues Microsoft and OpenAI for 'billions' [Link]

Meanwhile, Axel Springer and OpenAI strike a real-time news deal for ChatGPT [Link]

MidJourney V6 is here and can replicate almost any animation style. To try the latest version add --v 6.0 to the end of your Midjourney prompt [Link]

Free keyword research using Google Gemini [Link]

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💬 ChatGPT Marketing Prompts

Cold Email Personalisation Prompt:

Visit {Insert Website}

Tell me:

What does the company do?
What is their most recent news story?
What can I say about this company in a cold email to get their attention?

ChatGPT Cold Email Personalisation Prompt

ChatGPT Article Image Prompt:

I want 5 written ideas for an image thumbnail for an article that will attract attention and click throughs. Using what ever psychological techniques you think are best. Optimise the image for click through. The title of the article is: 

{Your Article Title Here}

ChatGPT Article Image Prompt

Deep Dive

AI Kills SEO. Long Live SEO

ChatGPT is a year old and gets 1.5 billion visits each month. More and more people are using ChatGPT for search. ChatGPT uses Bing therefore as Google's search growth slows, Bing is getting more important.

Why It Matters

  • Search is one of the best traffic sources for business

  • Google search volumes are declining

  • Meanwhile, ChatGPT’s search volumes are exploding

  • However, AIs still need to go to the source of the information

  • We still need to find products and services. But we will buy in new ways, not using websites.

The Big Picture

AI will change how we interact with businesses. But it won’t take away the need for these businesses. AI can’t get a haircut or watch a film for you.

What can AI do? Let’s take a look at the “money” industries powered by Google Search:

  • E-Commerce, Publishing, Finance & Insurance, Professional Services, Automotive, Local Business, Travel, Restaurants & Food, Entertainment, Home Improvement, Health & Beauty

It’s easy to see how industries like Travel will be affected by AI.

Eg: booking a holiday? Say you want to go on a 4-day break to New York. The AI can find your flights and hotel, but you must still book via the website. Soon, the AI will link to the booking system and do it for you.

Being findable by AI is the most important thing.

What Trend Data is Telling Us

  • ChatGPT has fast adoption. ChatGPT had 1.5 billion visits in September 2023, 4.6% more than the previous month. At that rate, by the end of 2024, it will be 3 billion visits.

  • Google’s slow growth means more ads. Google search is growing at 10% per year so shareholder pressure will mean more space for ads.

My Insight: The Bottom Line

The world of search is changing, but ChatGPT still needs to source via search.

Bing powers ChatGPT search.

Key takeaway: Make sure you rank on Bing to get traffic from ChatGPT. Publish quality original content, with the assistance of AI, but not 100% created by AI to stand out in Bing.

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